Click the links below to download the most recent research on Gisela® Cherry rootstocks. (to view these files, you will need Adobe Reader.)

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Four Simple Steps to Pruning Cherry Trees on Gisela® and Other Productive Rootstocks, L.E. Long
A concise, easy to use guide to pruning Gisela® rootstocks

Growing Sweet Cherries under Plastic Covers & Tunnels, G. A. Lang
Excellent overview for growers considering high tunnels

Rain & Canopy Systems, MSU Cherry Research
Diagrams of possible layout of trees and tractor lanes in high tunnels

Production of Sweet Cherries under High Tunnels in Either the Modified Spanish Bush and the Tall Spindle Systems, G. A. Lang
Comparison of the Spanish Bush and Tall Spindle systems in high tunnels under New York conditions

High Density Planting for Sweet Cherry Orchards, S. Musacchi and S. Lugli
Discusses the parameters of high density cherry plantings

Ultra High-Density Sweet Cherry Plantings, S. Lugli and S. Musacchi
An extension of the previous paper with very high density cherry plantings

Training System and Rootstock affect Yield, Fruit Size, Fruit Quality and Crop Value of Sweet Cherry, T.L. Robinson and S.A. Hoying
Explores the differences in tree densities and cumulative yields and their effect on crop value

KGB Training System for Cherries, L.E. Long
Overview of the KGB training system, its setup and maintenance

Developing and Optimizing Sweet Cherry Training Systems for Efficiency and High Quality Fruit, G.A. Lang
PowerPoint presentation that looks at carbohydrate supplies, training systems, leaf area, fruiting units, labor productivity and shoot formation

Cherry Rootstock Size Comparison Chart, Willow Drive Nursery
A chart comparing the sizes of different Gisela® rootstock